Thursday, April 27, 2006

Oh...It Is A GRRREAT Day!

I just got back from my philosophy class a little bit ago and my day has just gone from good to AMAZING! In class our teacher told us that our finals are cancelled...he said we would all pass anyway and that we would just have an online discussion instead. YEAH!!! This means that I only have two exams and I can take both of them on Tuesday. I am going home tonight after my class and staying until Monday afternoon...yay! I am sooooo looking forward to a long weekend...and now I really only have to hit the books hard for chem. English won't require too much, just a bit of review....FANTASTIC!! Oh this is a good day..... Hope yours is too! :) TTFN

This is a Blood Root flower from home...yes it is real. Kind of reminds me of how I am feeling...Bright and Happy! :)

Sleepless In...My Dorm Room

So it is almost two AM...and I am still awake. Tomorrow, actually, today is my last day of classes as a college freshman. Weird. This year has gone by so fast! I am looking forward to the summer now more than ever. I am going home for the weekend to get some major studying done before finals next week. I have chemistry, philosophy and english finals; thankfully, they are broken up. I have one each day, mon-wed. Wednesday night is party night for the girls who don't have finals on trip! Thursday night is a last hoorah party...anyone and everyone are going out all together one last time. I am excited to get through my finals and have a little fun before heading home. I think my chemistry final is going to kick my butt; I have to go through and memorize formulas and stuff from 13 chapters this weekend. However, the other two shouldn't be too bad (knock on wood..*knock knock*) Well, wish me luck. It's sleepy-time...hopefully. :) TTFN

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Shop 'Till You Drop!

Ahhhh....what an amazing day! Kaitlyn D., Kaitlyn P., Deirdre and I went on a SERIOUS shopping trip today. We hit two major malls and left major dents in our bank accounts. :) I got a ton of great deals on some really cute clothes. I got two shirts, a skirt, a pair of sandals, some underclothing, a pair of earrings and a swim suit for about $120. I love income tax returns! It was really great to have a day with just the girls away from school. It was so much fun and really relaxing. We finished up our shopping and had dinner together at TGI Friday's. After that, we capped off the night with a little ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery...aka frozen heaven with a side of yum. It is currently past my bed time and I am practically falling asleep at the keyboard so it is off to bed for me. Back to the grindstone tomorrow...chemistry awaits. :/

Saturday, April 22, 2006

We are The Dancing Queens...

Last night was so much fun!!! Heather, Kaitlyn, Megan and I went out to one of the bars here in town. We got all dolled up and got ready to go, left for the bar and then figured out it was closed. Well, we regrouped and went to another bar...and it was a blast! We got there around midnight or a little after and stayed until two. We danced and danced(....seeing as we aren't 21 drinking was out of the question.) We had an awesome time with some really funny guys...until the drinks started flowing...then they got clingy. Not good. SAFETY IN NUMBERS! :) We left and then headed back here. What a night! Well, now it is time for me to head out to do some major shopping. It's a shopping spree with the girls...wahoo! TTFN

(L to R: Heather, Kait, Me, Megan) Aren't we cute?!?

Rainy Sunsets

Pics from the ride home on Thursday....

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

WHAT THE HECK?!?....Who does that?

One other story to note:

Megan, Kaitlyn and I went for a walk this evening and it ending up getting dark before we got back. On the way back to our dorms, we had to cross a major road that goes through our campus. We noticed that the "don't walk" sign was up, but the light was yellow and going to change. We looked both ways, saw no cars and started to cross. Halfway across the road, the light changed to "walk" and no cars were anywhere near us. When we finally crossed, a cop literally jumps out of the bushes and starts walking toward us. Keep in mind: three girls, alone, it's dark and a man has just jumped out of the bushes. We realize he is a cop and he stops us for jaywalking. He lets us off with a warning and that was relief. BUT WHAT THE HECK KIND OF COP HIDES IN THE BUSHES??? Is that like a sick joke?!?....scare the piss out of some girls who are alone at night?? We said "you freaked us out coming out of the bushes like that." He responded with "yeah, well, at least I was kind of in the light. My buddy who is like 6'5" and 250lbs likes to hide way up in the trees so you can't even see him and then come rustling out." Oh, well thank goodness we only got freak. I told my Mom about it and she and my Dad think I should call our Department of Safety here on campus. I think I agree. I will call tomorrow and let you know what they have to say.

This is the warning I's a card that tells me what website to visit in order to learn about traffic laws. Fantastic, now where can I get a card that tells me how to defend myself from people who jump out of bushes?

Sun and Sports...Perfect

It was another beautiful day here....75 degrees, sunny, absolutely GOR-GEE-OUS! I finished my paper today, all 9 pages. I am pretty proud of myself. This evening I went to a volleyball game. I am part of an honors program here and each year they have what is called "the Honors Cup" which is broken into two different sections of competions. All of the honors halls compete in a trivia and quiz bowl competition during first semester and then compete in sporting events during second semester. We have played soccer and volleyball so far and have kicked butt in both; we took first place. We are only a few points behind from first semester's section of competion and football and basketball games are coming up tomorrow and Friday. If we win both, then we win the cup.....BRAGGING RIGHTS! :) Here are some pics from the activities so far (I feel like a soccer mom with her camera...all I need is the mini-van):

Stephen is an excellent dribbler (on and off the field...I swear, he has used my entire Stain Stick)

Kaitlyn winds up and gives the ball a good boot.

The goalie may have stopped this one, but we spanked his team anyway...HAHA :)

Kaitlyn is also an excellent server...which is why I am glad she is on our team.

And yes, this is Stephen, aka The Beast. This is pretty much the coolest action shot I have ever taken and I am very proud of it, if you couldn't tell.

That is all for now...I will keep you posted on the outcome of the last two games. May the best hall win! (that's us, by the way) :) ....not cocky, confident. TTFN

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday Night Lights

Out at a soccer game...took a moment from snapping pics of the players to snap a pic of the scenery.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Frozen and Delicious

Ahh, ice cream...fantastic. Earlier this evening, I went with Megan and Kaitlyn for a quick little trip downtown for some hand-scooped ice cream. I don't think there is anything that can rival some good old fashioned ice cream. When we got back, we went for a power-walk around shut up those nagging voices in our heads about extra calories and the freshman fifteen. It was actually kind of fun so we are planning to make a habit of it (the walking, not the ice cream...not enough money or pant-space). I have an 8-10 page paper that is due on Thursday and I haven't even started it yet. I am such a bad procrastinator! I finished a five-pager for philosophy this last weekend and the thought of another paper (twice as long) due so soon makes me want to run far, far away and possibly never come back. It seems I already have a case of senioritis and I'm only a's going to be a long 7 years. (but don't worry mom, still worth it...I will buy you that beach house someday) :)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Wonderful Weekend

I am back at school rejuvinated and ready for the three weeks I have left. This weekend at home was fantastic. I had an awesome time with the girls. Staying with Trish was a blast. We went and saw Scary Movie 4... if you are thinking about doing the same, don't waste your money. It was really dumb, but we still had fun just hanging out together. The rest of the weekend was spent just relaxing and enjoying time with my family.

I was up early on Friday and the day started out a little foggy...

...But then cleared up nicely, revealing beautiful blue skies and balmy temperatures.

Even the flowers were out enjoying the sun!

This weekend was warm and beautiful and the company was great...just what I was looking for to help get me through the next two weeks of class and my week of finals. TTFN

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Answer is B...No C....Uhhh, maybe A?

Well, I just took my chemistry test. I went into the test feeling very confident and not worried at all. Now, not so much. I hate that! I went through the test and figured out several answers right off the bat. There were a few that I wasn't sure of so I skipped them and came back to them later; it didn't help. I tried them each several times and then proceded with the tried and true method of eeny-meeny-miny-mo. Not very scientific but it will have to do. Now I am left to worry and bite my nails about it until I get my score nails were just starting to look presentable. Dang it all.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Just Another Manic Monday...

It's Monday...bleh...I hate Mondays.

Upside:It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day here today...I hauled out the flip-flops and everything. Just finished up class around 7 or so. Advice to other students: avoid late evening classes if you can help it... Tomorrow is my last day of classes for the week. Horray for holiday breaks! It's strange; this college is not religious, but we still get an extra long Easter break. My friend's brother is at a religion-based college and they don't get any days off! Odd, but I'm not complaining. I am headed home for the weekend...hoping to catch my little brother's tennis match (I hear he's smokin' the competition...atta' boy!) and spend a little QT with the family. Oh and only THREE DAYS 'till I see my girls: You can't see it, but I am doing a little happy dance.
Ok...happy dance finished. Gotta' kick some butt on my Chemistry test tomorrow so that means it's study time. *sigh* Wish me luck. Toodles.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pass, Set, Spike...CRAP!

So I am back. I definitely just came home from an intramural volleyball game. Have you ever seen something so ugly and painful that you just wanted to take the poor thing/things out of their misery? I to play volleyball. Usually we aren't that bad-sometimes even pretty good. However, this wasn't quite the case. (Picture monkeys in short shorts throwing themselves around the court while not even coming close to touching the volleyball....yeah, that was us.) But you know what the best part of the whole situation was? WE HAD A BLAST!! The girls on my team are hilarious; we flopped and spazzed on the court, laughing the entire time. This was our last game for the semester. We won some games, lost more and loved every minute.

Now, however, I have just enough time to hop in the shower and be ready for my current T.V. obsession: A little show called Gray's Anatomy. If you ask me, the best show on the telly. Why?, you might ask...Well, I will tell you why...McDreamy (front right). MMMM..hunk....and George(back left) isn't that bad either. I will take one of each, thank you.


Welcome to my blog! I'm new at this, so bear with me... My Aunt has one of these things and her blog is very cool. I decided, even though it's late in the year, that a blog would be a great way to keep my family posted on my current adventures. I am a college freshman-been one for almost a year and I still like hearin' it. I live an hour away from where I go to school...close enough to go home, but far enough that I am getting that "away from home" experience. I love it here, don't get me wrong, but lately I have been feeling like the only place I want to be is back at home. I only have a few weeks left of my first year and then I'm outta here.

I am SOOO looking forward to summer...ahhh warm weather...sigh. I am not sure why I am so anxious for summer-it's not like it is going too be much of a break. I am taking classes and working; prospects of a golden tan are looking a little grim. I think I am most excited about being back with my best friends and the fam. I am very close to my family; can't imagine going a day without talking to at least one aunt, uncle, cousin, grandparent, parent...ok, you get the picture. I'm a very lucky girl- lots of people love me!! I miss everyone like crazy and chattin' on the phone doesn't really cut it.

I miss my girly-friends too...Meg, Di and Trish. We are quite the foursome. We all go to school within an hour of each other, but we never seem to be able to get together. Everybody has such busy schedules. This week though...Reunion Time! We are all going to stay with Trish for the night. I am so excited I can barely sit still. I haven't seen my girls in FOREVER! We have tons to catch up night may not be enough.

Now, however, I must devote myself to my homework. It was such a beautiful weekend, I pushed everything else to the side and decided to just relax. It was a nice break, but papers and tests that are coming up in the next week need a little attention. Dang. I will be back though...this blog is already becoming addictive. TTFN