Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wayward Wanderings

Got the Blues....and Pinks...and Purples

I'm Back...With Pictures

Hey everyone....the computer is back and functioning. Hopefully it stays this way....*keep your fingers crossed* Now that things are running smoothly, here are some pictures I took around home at Christmas.....More info from me later! :D

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just In Case You Were Wondering....

Hey all....guess what...my computer is broken- AGAIN. The EXACT same thing happened to it as last time; the LCD screen light burned out. I had it fixed and it worked for TWO days and then seizured and died. So here I am...computerless..hence the lack of recent posts. I have been using my friends' computers lately, but it is getting really old. Hopefully mine will be fixed soon.

Yesterday was my birthday :D :D :D. I am no longer a teenager, but I don't feel any different. Mom, Dad, and Michael come over last night and took me and Mike out to dinner. It was really nice. Friday, Mike and I are heading home for a big family bday party. :D On Saturday, all my school friends and a bunch of friends from home are heading to Diana's apartment for a birthday bash...so excited!! :D

A new semester has started and it's going to be tough. I was buried in homework the first week, but I worked ahead last weekend so it would better this week. I think that is what I will do from now on. It has made things muuuuuuuch easier and a lot less stressful. I really like my classes too: Anatomy/physiology, Biology, Human Sexuality and Accounting...tough but very interesting.

Okay, that's all the catching up for now...I have some homework to do and a growling belly to feed :D. Don't expect any more posts for a while....I probably won't be back until my computer is fixed.....unless you are lucky and I decide to endulge you a little ;). TTFN

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What A Weekend!

Happy New Year! Hopefully your night was just as fun as mine...cuz mine was great! :D

Mike came to stay on Saturday. It was so nice to have him come stay. I was going a little stir crazy from missing him. We went with my family to Logan's Road House for dinner that night to celebrate Mom's b-day. Afterwords, Mike and I met all my friends at the bowling alley so everyone could meet him. (Okay...technically, it was a chance for my girlfriends to pass approval, which they did :D) Anywho....after a few terrible games of bowling, we all headed over to my friend, Matt's, house to play pool and his Wii. It was a blast and Mike fit in with my friends perfectly.

For New Year's Eve, Mom, Dad, Michael, Mike and I headed over to Aunt Julie's house along with all of the extended family. What a blast! We all made personal pizzas and sat around drinking margaritas and just enjoying each other's company. Mike seemed pretty comfortable with my family and seemed to fit in pretty well. Later, we all participated in an air hockey tournament. Dad won, but one of the highlights of the tourny was Mike getting his butt handed to him on a silver platter by Joyce. Nice job, Joyce!! ;) Everyone gathered to watch the ball drop and then headed home for the bed...except Mike and me. We went out to my friend, Mark's, house for a while. There weren't many people there and we were pretty tired so we only stayed for about an hour and then headed home. It was a really great evening and I was glad I was able to share it with Mike.

Last night, I made dinner for the family. I made Oven Crisped Orange Chicken, homemade mashed potatoes, and corn. It was yummy! For dessert, we had apple pie (I made the whole thing from scratch..including the filling *insert pat on back and big stupid grin here*) and vanilla ice cream. After dinner, Mike had to head home. He left here around 9ish, and I miss him already. I am glad he could come stay, but I can't wait to head back to school so I can see him again. Only a few more days!! :D