Friday, June 16, 2006

Bob Evans: Down on the Floor

WELL..What a night! I went to work tonight around five, like I do every other night. I worked for a couple hours and everything went fine...the crowd was thin, but no major problems...until around 7:30pm. I walked out to my table with a pitcher of ice tea to refresh their drinks and suddenly felt sick. Not like "oh gee I better go to the bathroom, I might throw up" more like "look out! she's gonna blow chunks!" kinda sick. I turned around and the floor started to tilt and my vision went black; that's the last thing I remember. Apparently though, I stubbled to the drink station, knocked the ice tea pitcher flying and then proceded to pass out. I smoked my face on a wall partition next to our drink station and then fell backwards on to the floor. When I actually came to I was shaking uncontrollably and was staring into the face of about 15 people. I had no idea what happened. A man in the resturaunt happened to be an EMT and he came over to help. An ambulance was called and I was taken to the ER. I felt fine enough to walk, but I had to be wheeled out of the resturaunt on a stretcher; as if I hadn't made enough of a scene already! A couple of the girls I work with who were right there when it happened, came straight over to the hospital when their shifts ended. It was really nice of them. They stayed and talked with me and my parents for the whole evening. At the hospital, I had blood work done, a cat scan, and an EKG....the results: I am perfectly healthy and everything was normal. Diagnosis: they have no idea what happened either. Hmmm...Mom and I were talking and we think that it was probably low blood sugar. I ate a big lunch, but it was six hours prior so that might have been the cause. I feel absolutely fine headaches or anything. I will probably have a little bruise above my eye where I hit the partition, but nothing major. I am just glad I didn't split the skin or break my nose; it could have been MUCH worse. The doctor said I am fine, but to take it easy for the weekend and not to drive for 24 hours. I have work again tomorrow night and I am going to go ahead and go. I feel fine; no use sitting around if I don't need to. However, I am willing to bet tomorrow night will be a little less eventful...hopefully. :)

Friday, June 09, 2006


My singer called me again...and I politely told him that is was over. He took it pretty well...practically hung up on me. I got the first part of my practiced speil out, "Hey look, I had fun on our last two dates, but I think we need to go our separate ways," but I never got the chance to give him any reasons. He promptly said, "Okay, that's fine. talk to you later, bye" and hung up. Hey, works for me...short, quick and no mess; if only all goodbyes were that easy.

I am seriously starting to miss my friends from school. It is weird seeing the 24/7 for 9 months and the zilch..nothing...nada. :( I have been talking to a bunch of them, but talking on the phone just ins't the same. I like being home, but I am kind of missing the "college scene" too. I loved being surrounding by people my own age and having all kinds of fun stuff to do. At home, life is more like "the real world" (hate that phrase, but it worked). I have so much more stuff to do here that makes me feel like a real adult. I basically am an adult, but at home, it feels like it. I think trying to balance work, school and basic, daily life stuff has really opened my eyes. I can't imagine trying to work to put myself through college. I am working my butt of as it is and the money I have made so far wouldn't pay for the one class I am currently taking. Thank God for my parents. I owe them BIG TIME....hmmm a big ol' beach house should do it, I think. They'll just have to wait 'till I graduate. :) TTFN

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Umm...Yeah...Cut That Out

Why is that people who can't sing insist on doing so...loudly...and in public? I went out with a guy last night who tried to serenade me. It would have been sweet, maybe, in the right place....and if he could carry a tune. We were at dinner and a song by John Mayer came on in the background. He goes "hey...I like this song" and I said I did too. Well, apparently to him that meant "go ahead....sing it to me!" He started singing and it wasn't a quiet hum that only I could hear...oh no.....everyone around us could hear it. Here I am, trying to avoid a look of horror hoping that God will either strike me down on the spot and end the pain or the radio will suddenly give out. I am trying to change the subject talking at him about God knows what and he is still singing. Finally, mercifully, the waiter arrives with the check and we get up to leave, but does he stop singing? Absolutely not. He continues to sing all the way through the resturaunt and all the way out to the car. The worst part is that he isn't just singing in general; he is trying to stare into my eyes (as we are walking, mind you...dangerous) and make this a meaningful experience. I am fighting the urge to laugh and another urge to run far away. It was obvious that I wasn't enjoying his "show", but he just kept going. If he had stopped, I might have thought it was a sweet gesture, but the further he took it, the less appealing he became. There were other things I had found out that I didn't really like (things such as: his oh-so-attractive curly hair is permed...I don't even do that much to my hair and the fact that he never ever stops talking...four hours and not one period of silence) but the singing clinched the deal. I think the dates with this fellow have come to a was fun while it lasted, but the concert is over.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Dead Tired

This last weekend was a whirlwind of activity. I worked a swing shift on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That means I was in at 11am and wasn't out until 9pm. Talk about a long friggen day. Friday night, Trish and I went to Shooters (a dance club in Saginaw) and were out until 3am. It was a lot of fun and I met a really funny guy who happens to live in my hometown. He called me on Saturday and asked me to go to a movie with him. I agreed and we went to a midnight movie of The Break Up...not very good, by the way. Today was my day off from work, I had a Calculus test. I think I did pretty well on it, but we'll see. Later this afternoon, I went out with that guy again. We went rollerblading and out to dinner. It was fun. However, I told him right up front...I am in no way looking for a boyfriend. I want to try out the single life. He is very nice and fun to spend time with, but it would be pointless to "go out". I am going back to Ferris in the fall and long distance doesn't work for me. Plus, he doesn't seem like the type I would date long term. It's fun for now, but I am keeping my options open. For now, I am off to bed...I am pooped, BIG TIME. TTFN