Thursday, January 31, 2008

Smart Ass.

Our blinds in our apartment are crap.....CRAP. They are old and brittle, and most of them don't even work. The set on the front windows won't open on one side, and if you open the other side, you have to fiddle with them for forever just to get them to close again. Normally, my roommates and I are like cave-dwellers...perfectly happy to keep the blinds closed and hole up in the semi-dark.

About a month ago, the blinds began to become a problem...well one set anyway. The set of blinds in the dining room have been taking a beating ever since the pong table was built. People brush past the blinds over and over, so many rows were bent and one or two were actually broken off.

Two weeks ago we had a major accident...Deirdre was trying to prove how crappy our blinds were to the people in our apartment...and oopsy daisy...

...a huge section broke off.

A few days ago, I was talking to D saying that I felt like someone could easily watch us from the head-sized hole. I said I was always paranoid that I would come down in the morning to shower in the downstairs bathroom, and I would find a big eyeball staring at me in my little robe.

Well, guess what I found the next morning.

It's a big eyeball.

I guess I wasn't just being paranoid.

She's such a smart ass. :D

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not Exactly What I Expected...

Wahoo for snow days! Today, class was cancelled due to the horrible conditions. Apparently all the surrounding colleges were also shut down, as well as the local K-12 schools. I spent the whole day in my sweats (glorious!) working on writing essays for various applications (not so glorious). Thankfully with a little editing help from some of my favorite editors, they are pretty much finished (GLORIOUS!).

Seeing as I have spent all day writing about less than thrilling items, I thought I would do a fun little blog post to relax a bit before I hit the books. Aunt Julie sent me a really cool email with pictures that had been blended. The artist, if you will, took two different animals and blended them into one...some you can't even tell where one ends and the other begins....very neat! My roommates and I enjoyed the pics so much that I googled the words "dog bird", "wolf Bird", "wolf fish", and "cat bird" together and got *some* of what I was looking for....

A dog bird

A wolf bird

A cat bird

A creepy frog snake

A wolf fish.....not what I expected....

and I pray I never find one of these toothy-phlegm balls...or have one find me.

And the creepiest thing I have seen in a really long about serious nightmare potential....

Don't worry...I won't leave you with that is something that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside....
No, no, no....."Cat bird"....not "Cat flipping the bird"

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

It's time for the much awaited birthday post! Before I came back to school, Mom threw me a party with the family to open presents and have cake (and eat it too!). I got some really awesome gifts; I am so in love my Ipod pink and clipped to me wherever I go. I also got a really cool martini set, complete with glasses, shaker, stand, olives and gin....tasty! I love it, and it looks so cute set up on our counter. I also received a hefty amount of cash, which is always appreciated :).

At 11:59pm on the 15th, the girls came upstairs singing happy birthday and each carrying a shot. At midnight, we played a little brithday edition of guess the shot...too much, too fast= bit of a rough morning.

That night, I went with a group of about 10 of our friends went to Applebees for appetizers and drinks. Everybody bought me a drink, and they were tasty! I had a sex on the beach and several shots...two I remember the names of: washington apple and a pineapple upside down cake...DELICIOUS!

Deidre and Me

Jordan and Me

And to finish up the festivities, we had a great party here for me and Derek, Deirdre's boyfriend, for our 21sts on Saturday. Megs and Di came to stay as well as James and Christopher. We had a great turnout and had a blast!


Our super happy's tradition- at least one taken at all gatherings

All the girls goofing around before the party started...

My favorite boys.

Today was back to class...we had Monday off, and things are just as great as they were before. I'm still loving my classes....Medical parasitology is the coolest class ever, by the way. We watch some pretty sick videos...I will spare you the details.

I have also been really productive with getting stuff done in preparation for the PA program. I called the daughter of a woman my Dad works with who just graduated from the program and she answered a ton of my questions and is setting things up so I can job shadow with her. She is also going to write me a letter of recomendation, which is huge because she is a graduate from the school I want to attend and they will recognize her name....EXCELLENT! Things are really starting to fall into place...keep your fingers crossed that it stays this way.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!"

As a tribute to the movie, The Shining, one of my Deirdre left KP a little message in the shower....look closely.

I don't think she even noticed...all that hard work for nothing.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Kicking Booty and Taking Names

Today was my first day back in class....what an oh-so-excellent-I-love-my-life kinda day! My classes were GREAT. Never have I had the first day of class go by and come home with a feeling of yes! I am going to kick booo-tay!....until today. Classes today were:

Sociology: my professor is actually blind, which will be interesting I think. He was a conference today so we had a sub, and the real prof can't be any worse than this guy. He was a total cornball....however, he let us out in ten minutes which if I didn't have class again directly after that, I would have much appreciated. I already started reading the text, (quiz on Wednesday already), and it is really interesting...thankfully not the dry-put-this-pen-in-my-eyeball-please-oh-god-kill-me-what-were-those-6-parargraphs-i-just-read variety. I'm interested to see how the class actually goes...supposed to be lots of discussion and group work...easy.

Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry: this prof was great...really nice and seems super helpful...a TMI guy, but still helpful. Should be easy to get a good grade due to the fact that he drops your lowest exam score, or if your total score of quiz points is lower than your lowest exam, he drops ALL of your quiz points. Plus he gives extra bonus points and lots of homework. Again I say, *should* be easy to pass. Just finished the 6 pages of homework assigned far, so good.

Concepts in Physics: this prof was a little crusty and a bit gruff, but looooooooves physics and wants students to do well. This is basic, high school level physics...don't have to memorize formulas and he drops your lowest exam score, two lowest quizzes, two lowest labs and two lowest homework grades. Woot.

Tomorrow I have Medical Parasitology and I can't wait. I love learning about all the icky crap that is out there (that ironically, most of the time ends up affecting your crap). I got the textbook yesterday and the pictures are uber-graphic....Deeee-lish. Depending on how it is presented, this could be a really great class...I'm really looking forward to it.

I also have work tomorrow at 8am...which I am not looking forward to (the time, not the actual job). Should be same as last semester...paid to wash dishes and do my homework...double the hours though.

All in all....excellent first day back. All is well and dandy in my little world... and 'tis my birthday on Wednesday...this is me getting excited :D

Fungi and Fringe

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Holy Hail!

Had us a bit of a storm....way too warm for January and lots of rain/hail/thunder/lightening......quite a show!

New Year, New Beginning

The new year has officially begun...Happy 2008. I have had a full month off and have no idea where the time went, but I am really lloking forward to heading back to school. Lots of things have happened over the break...let me catch you up.

Work: I worked several days this break back at the assisted living home. I wish I was able to work a few more, but I took what I could get. Not much was different....a resident passed away over break which is always sad, especially around the holidays. Other than that, the work was the same...worked a LOT of midnight shifts...screwed with my sleep royally.

Health: I managed to wrangle in a sinus infection right over Christmas. I'm just now getting rid of the residual cough. Nyquil is my fact, I'm thinking I might be an addict.

Love: Not so much. Troy called it quits...over the phone...after I gave him all his gifts, watched his dog for a week and spent the night at his house. He said he wasn't ready for commitment (opposite of everything he said just a few weeks before) and was scared of hurting me in the future...translation:cop out. The sadness is ebbing....not really for what I lost in him, but for the loss of potential. He presented himself to be so much more than what he actually was. Not a bad guy...he is extremely immature, handled things horribly and is just not the right one for me.

Friends: Thank God for good friends. The girls came over the night of the breakup with fudge ice cream, chips, and hot man movies...perfect rehab. They came with me out of town where we met up with Deirdre and her boyfriend Derek at our apartment. Christopher and James also showed up and we rang in the New Year with style.

(My loves)

(Like a high school reunion...but with the people we actually like)

Family: All's good...spending lots of quality time with the familia...Christmas was lovely, been over to Grandma and Grandpa's a couple times, shopping with Mama, and out walking with Dad. Been good to catch up and pick up the pieces with those who love me.

(Dad found a holey tree)

School: Ready for new classes! I'm looking at medical parasitology, sociology, Organic chemistry and Physics. Gonna be a butt kicking semester, but I'm looking forward to being busy. Too much time off and I get antsy....and my brain and imagination are my worst enemies.

Now: I'm a little frustrated with myself as of now...I'm sick of putting up with crap in order to be in a relationship. I'm taking a break for a while to do a little self repair and reflection. I'm gonna do things that make me happy and healthy...hang with the girls, go to the gym, do whatever I dang well please. If I happy to meet someone during that time, great...if not...I have plenty of time.

Looking Ahead: I'm turning 21 next week...weird...I still think of myself as 16- Don't think it will be much of a change though....maybe, maybe not. SO EXCITED FOR SPRING BREAK! Deirdre and I got our passports this month and are heading to Canada for a few days. We are hitting Toronto....gonna catch some shows, museums and some exhibits. Not exactly the normal spring break somewhere toasty and sunny, but neither of us have been to Toronto and we are really looking forward to seeing the sights.

There you go, all caught up....and if reading a novel was on your list of New Year's resolutions, you can check that off.

Prickly Disposition

Fog and Snow

Watery Reflections