Monday, June 27, 2011

New Camera Photo Shoot

Before Brandon and I went to Ludington this was weekend, we stopped in at Best Buy and he bought us a new camera. It is a Samsung digital with 14.2 megapixels and a 10X optical zoom...on sale for $140....I LOVE IT! It is so easy to use and it takes awesome pictures! We used it in Ludington (see the previous post) and I was experimenting with it this afternoon....Viola! Reese photo shoot!
Cuddling with Indy's catnip pillow

All stretched out
Tongue out

Rolling around with the pillow

The red fuzzy blanket is purrrfect for stretching out!

Haha....looking like she is giggling!

Tuckered out

Weekend Getaway

This last weekend Brandon and I headed to Ludington for an impromptu romantic weekend getaway. We went to the beach, played putt-putt (I won!), went on a dune ride in Silver Lake and climbed up the lighthouse in Sable Point. Such a great weekend...sad it was over so fast!

On the Pier

Lighthouse way in the background

Beautiful Lighthouse

Sunset on the Ludington Beach

At the putt-putt course

In front of Lake Michigan on our dune ride

Mac Wood's Dune Rides

Sable Point Lighthouse

View from the top of the lighthouse- 137 steps up

Me too terrified to leave the wall on the observation deck

Pivoted away from the wall...about to pee myself

Loooong way down

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sweet Baby

Dow Gardens Date

Pretty poppies
Art in the garden- glass Poppies

More Willow

More Morning Glories

Baby bunny in the garden