Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Teacherisms #3: That's a Cheery Thought

I have biology every other day and last class, we had our first test. Today, we came to class and our professor told us a little story preceding his talk about our scores.

"On my way into work this morning, there was a beautiful rainbow. It was probably much too early for all of you; you were probably still tucked in bed. But anyway, there was a beautiful raindbow stretched accross the sky....symbolizing hope maybe? I don't know. Shortly there after, a huge black thundercloud rolled in, explaining why you are all soaking wet from the rain. However to me, that black cloud symbolizes a snuffing out of all the hope. Okay on to your tests..."

Oh gee....that makes me feel great...yeah! Bring on that test...all the hope has been snuffed out!!
Apparently he wasn't refering to my test though....I got a 94% :D (Just so you know, there is a huge, gloating smile on my face)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Teacherisms #2...AKA: Can She Say That?

Last Thursday, in my Medical Anthropology class, we were talking about cultural norms and differences between the cultures of developed and developing nations. Our teacher brought up breast feeding and how it is seen as healthy and normal in other cultures, but taboo in our culture. Her next statement caused us to nearly fall out of our chairs: "Why is breast feeding such a no-no in this culture? Oh I know.... they're BOOBIES!!!" Yup...she said "boobies" loudly while making groping gestures with her hands.

College tuition: thousands of dollars
Books for class: hundreds of dollars
Pack of mechanical pencils: 4 dollars
Hearing your Doctorate-certified professor yell "boobies": priceless

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Night With the Girls

It had been FOREVER since all of the Ludington Girls had been together. Diana's boyfriend had been giving her the run-around for a while and they finally broke up. We decided these two facts meant that we needed to meet ASAP...A) to cheer up Di and B) to spend some QT together. We decided to meet at Diana's apartment. Trish and Megan got there first fully prepared for girl time with chocolate moosetracks ice cream. I arrived later due to crappy directions from Map Quest, but that is a different story....dang detours and construction. Anywho, I got there around 5ish armed with girly-quiz magazines meant for preteens (hey, they came with free tatoos! couldn't pass 'em either, you know it) and a jar of Mama's homemade salsa. Diana and her housemate, Laura, supplied the velveta and sour cream in order to make "Mama's Awesome Salsa Dip." We were ready to party! We ate all the ice cream, a bucket full of dip, two bags of chips, ordered three pizzas (which we finished the next morning), a container of frosting and chocolate chip waffles. We played card games, took quizzes, talked about boys and gave ourselves tatoos...all in all, a very productive girl's night!

This is Laura and I....she's an honorary Ludington Girl...such a sweetie!

Di and I look like we're in the ice capades.... AND LIFT!

Meg and I acting like goofballs...what else is new?

Apparently I missed the memo that this was supposed to be a sultry photo....rar!

Ahhh...gotta love these girls! :D

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Spreadin' Some Happiness

As part of my revenge against Kait, I filled her bed with tiny little water balloons (filled with air...don't want to be too mean.) Well, she rounded them all up and put them in a bag as a present for me...thoughtful girl. However, we then had a brilliant idea. We took all of the balloons and put smiley faces on them and taped them around my suitemate's door. We had no reason to do this...but it was fun. :) Megan returned to find her door lined with a bunch of smiles and thought for sure we had messed with her room....nope- just spreadin' a little happiness!

Yeah...we're dorks...but we're cute dorks!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Beyond the Gates of Hell....

This town is such a thriving metropolis of activity I just don't know what a group of college kids could possibly do! Oh, wait...yes I do; GO TO WAL-MART! Woo! I know you are jealous that you can't take sweet trips like mine.

So Friday night rolled around and me and a couple of girls from my floor decided to take a lil' trip to Wal-Mart and peruse the goods...and I definitely don't mean the locals. When entered the store we noticed it was all decked out for Halloween. We were oohing and aahing over the candy...until we saw the gates of hell (a blow-up entryway with a beckoning Grim Reaper). Now, being the adventurous types that we are, we couldn't just pass up a chance to pass through the gates of hell (never would have guessed the entrance to hell was at Wal-Mart...I would have figured it would be at Mejiers on a Saturday, but anyway...) Well, we passed through and what do you know....found more Halloween stuff....even pets!

Kirstie found an adorable kitten that just begged to be held....

And scratched under the chin. I think he likes it!

Deirdre and I found pets too! I found an adorable mouse and she found a feathered friend! Who knew Wal-Mart was the place for pets?

Tragically, our pets had to be left behind due to dorm pet regulations...nothing other than fish. Thankfully, the kitty found a good resting spot before we had even walked away. Those really expensive shirts should keep him warm for a while and I'm sure with a face like that, it won't be long until someone else adopts him.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


For those of you who have never seen the movie Mean Girls, let me fill you in. Over the course of the movie, many ingeneous names are used; names like slut-faced hoebag and fugly slut. Seeing as this is Kaitlyn and my favorite movie, we lovingly call each other these names. The other night I came back to my room after watching a movie elsewhere and found that my room had been sabotaged. I had posters everywhere called me nasty names- on my TV, on my laptop, all over my walls, in my drawers, in the shower, and even in my bed. Well, Kait went home for the weekend and I decided to get a little revenge... I told her not to mess with me.

I filled her room with streamers and balloons displaying offensive names and phrases.

And then the best part of my whole revenge.....BRUTUS THE BIG BROWN SQUIRREL!

I posted the pictures on facebook last night thinking she wouldn't see them...I was wrong. I had a voicemail last night, "you slut-faced hoebag skank.... IT'S ON!" We'll see about that.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Helena, Sheila, Barbie, Sally and Phenomena....

Well, tonight was quite the night. The Kaitlyns and I sat down to watch Mean Girls together...a little bonding time and some escape.....and we decided to color to fully reach our zen states. So I grabbed a box of crayons and the coloring book I keep stashed in my desk and we got to work. However, we don't just stay inside the lines, pick pretty colors, make 'em look nice...oh no. We pick pictures, color outside the lines and skank 'em up a bit. Of course, after all that hard work, we couldn't just leave them sit where no one would see guessed it...we posted them :).

Here we are proudly displaying our handywork- but if anyone asks, it wasn't us.....

My creation number one: Helena The Hooker Hog.....notice the cleavage and sexy Virgina Slim Cigarette...yummy

My creation number two: Sheila The Slutty Sheep...notice the under-boob escapage and the skank tat....

Kaitlyn D's first creation: Barbie The Bootycall Bunny....notice the tight, SHORT leather dress and really comfortable looking heels.....

Kaitlyn D's second creation: Sally The Abused Skank first Kait tried putting purple eyeshadow on Sally, but there was an accident....we are now blaming Sally's black eye on Brutus The Big Brown Squirrel. Also notice the fishnets and working-woman pumps....gotta sell those flowers, baby!

And last but not least, Kaitlyn P's creation: Phat Phenomena....notice the "boob squishing, fat mooshing" corset and Fullet (female mullet)....mmm.mmm.

So there you have it; crayons and coloring books aren't just for kids.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


This fall we created a co-ed team of kids from my floor to play volleyball. Kaitlyn, Megan, Derek, Stephen and I have banded together to become....(drum roll, please) THE FLAMIN' FLAMINGOS! We proudly sport pink shirts with flamingos and sparkly, hot pink puffy paint....RAR! Feel the intimidation!

Last night was our first game and the first time we wore our shirts...of course we photograhed the occasion!

The team....(Back L-R: Stephen, Derek, Me, Kait Front: Meg)

This is our strategy....distract the other team and...DOMINATE!

Rockin' the sparkly, pink puffy paint!


Our game was at 9pm and took about an hour. We played two games and won both. Wahoo! Looks like it is going to be a good season!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rain, Rain Go Away

It has been cold and rainy here for the last several days. I am kind of sick of wet pant legs and fuzzy hair. Harumph......

Sunday, September 10, 2006


So I named this anatomically correct animal cracker, Bill....but I think Richard would be more fitting.

Monday, September 04, 2006


Before I left to go back to school, Dad took me out on the quad to go see a bees' nest..."big deal," you might say. We live in the country, bees are common.... But this was the biggest friggen bees' nest we've ever seen. I went back later with Mom, this time armed with my camera.

I'm thinking a little Raid is out of the question...maybe a rock...or a shotgun.... :) That could be interesting.

Thank goodness for a telephoto lens...these bees were swarming and I don't know about you, but a bee sting, or swarm, doesn't exactly sound like a good time.

Nature Fights Back

Grapes and Other Good Times

I went home for the Labor Day weekend and spent quite a bit of time out riding our quad. It was a beautiful weekend and I was glad I took my camera along for the ride. I spent some time riding the trails around my grandparents' house and found myself reminiscing about growing up. My grandparents live right next door and they watched my brother, my cousins and me from the time we were babies until we were old enough to stay home alone.

One of my earliest memories of my Grandpa was when we would walk down to the mailbox and get the mail and on the way back, we would stop at the apple orchard.

We would walk around the trees and find the best looking apples. Grandpa would lift me up so I could reach to pick two apples. He's set me down and we would walk back to the house holding hands. We'd go inside and Grandpa would wash the apples in the kitchen and we sit together in the living room and eat them.

I can still remember the first sweet, crisp bite of an apple still warm from the sun.


Passing Grandma and Grandpa's grapevines also brought another memory to the surface.
When my brother, Michael, and I were younger, we would spend many days of our summer over at Grandma and Grandpa's house even though Mom didn't have to work. We would love to be at their house because our cousins, Joyce and Sam, were there everyday. We would go over and play for hours. Let me tell you, we were (and still are) some spoiled rotten grandkids. How many grandkids get a full playground in their grandparent's front yards?

Or a full-sized, sandbox with lid so the sand stays clean?

My point exactly...anyway...

Almost everyday, we would play outside-building forts, making up games and chasing each other all over. Most of the games would end up girls vs boys....unfair, I know, but it happened.

Toward the end of the summer, Grandma and Grandpa's grape vines would be loaded with bunches of grapes.

The perfect ammunition....

We would split into pairs, me and Joyce vs Sam and Michael and collect grapes in pouches we would make in the front our tshirts. After we were fully "loaded," we would give each pair a couple minutes to hide and then the war began. We would hunt for each other and then chase one another around the yard and fields, all the while pelting each other with unripened grapes. Let me tell you, unripened grapes sting when thrown hard enough!