Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back to School and TEACHERISMS

Classes have officially begun. I have been all of my classes and so far it's not looking too bad. Organic moves FAST.....that one is going to be tough. Biology is an awesome subject and I absolutely love it...even though my teacher is very scatterbrained and doesn't seem very interested voice inflection. English is a we talked about origins of our feelings about reading. I'm okay with it; it will be my break in my science packed schedule. And last but not least...Medical Anthropology....this one is going to be very interesting. I can't quite get a feel for the teacher. I like her, but at the same time, she scares the living daylights out of me. She isn't very big, rather tiny actually, but I'm pretty sure she could kill a grown man without breaking a sweat. The class itself is kind of strange; we discuss the reading and participation is worth 10% of our grade. 50% comes from our exams and the last 40% comes from a service learning project. I am doing Big Brothers/Big Sisters and I have to journal about each activity I do with the child and then write a term paper on it. At first I was a little upset...."we are being FORCED to do volunteer work?? I don't think that's right...." but now I am actually excited about it. I have always wanted to get involved with BB/BS so why not now? Peer mentoring is done at the end of September so I will have plenty of time and BB/BS is only a couple hours a week. My grades won't suffer at all from a couple of hours being spent elsewhere. I think this is going to be a good semester.

Many of my teachers here at Ferris are from different states and even some from different countries. Sometimes, common sayings get "lost in translation", if you will. So, at this time I would also like to introduce a little section I am going to call "TEACHERISMS":

In Medical Anthropology: "Don't like me or my class? Suck it in, or drop my class. I'll even open the door for you!"
-Was a funny statement to begin with and the added "oops" made it even better...I think she meant "suck it up"

In Advanced Composition: "You don't do anything? Like a bump on a pickle, eh?"
- We were totally thinking "oh, he'll say log"....nope, definitely said pickle....awkward silence followed

And that concludes today's section of "TEACHERISMS"....More to come later ;) TTFN

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dorm Sweet Dorm

I am completely moved in here at school and finally starting to feel at home. My suitemate, Megan, moved in (finally) on Friday but promptly went back home. It has been weird being here by myself this last week. I thought I would like having my own room and bathroom, but I don't really think I do. I miss having someone to chat with and hang out with. Here are some pictures of where I am living....welcome to my home away from home ;)

This is what you see when you walk in the the left...

....and to the right. There is the amazing futon Mom remade cushions for....soooooo comfy!

Facing the door....look at my calendars...a stab at organization :).

Little side note here.....see the chair?

It looks like a normal chair, I know....but up's anything but.

The chair definitely has's a syphner.

Anywho...and last, but not least, our prison cell of a bathroom...lovely, I know...gotta love the pukey yellow.

I am looking forward to classes starting and having a routine estabished. My schedule this year isn't too bad actually...

Mon- 8 to 8:50 Organic Chemistry lecture
9 to 9:50 Biology lecture
10 to 10:50 Advanced Composition
12 to 2:50 Biology lab

Tues- 3 to 4:15 Medical Anthropology

Wed- 8 to 8:50 Organic Chemistry lecture
9 to 9:50 Biology lecture
10 to 10:50 Advanced Composition

Thurs- 8 to 8:50 Organic Chemistry lecture
12 to 2:50 Organic Lab
3 to 4:15 Medical Anthropology

Fri- 8 to 8:50 Organic Chemistry lecture
9 to 9:50 Biology lecture
10 to 10:50 Advanced Composition

Whew....okay kinda early, but could be worse. I get done early enough that I have the rest of the day to study and do what I want to do. I am also peer mentoring and have some clubs that I am involed in that will take up some time, but nothing really major. I am really looking forward to playing volleyball. I think this semester we are going to create an all girls team which will be fun. Class starts Monday so I will update you on how it goes. TTFN

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Welcome Back!

I am back to school now...wahoo! I'm having a blast! Apparently so are some other people...

Meet George.

We met at the fair and it was love at first sight. I had to play some games, but I finally won him over. ;) Anyway, he came up to school with me and now lives with me. (I don't have the heart to make him find his own place.)

When I first saw George, I thought he was a sweet, "good" guy. But then, the secrets started to come out.

That's right...nipple rings.

And it gets worse....apparently someone found a party and got a little tipsy. He had the nerve to bring that little hussy back here.

He tried to deny it, but the evidence was everywhere.

You think you know someone.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


I have four days left of chemistry...that's right...FOUR. I am so excited I could cry...but at the same time, so stressed I wanna curl up in a ball and sleep through until Friday. I have been having trouble sleeping the last couple of nights, my skin is revolting against me and I have gnawed off all of my fingernails except one....its turn is coming. I am taking a break from studying right now to give my poor brain a rest. I have a crazy week coming up....Two exams, a quiz, a lab and a final exam. Our professor said to expect the final to take a full five hours.....FIVE!!!!! Dear mother of God.....The final is only 77 questions (all multiple choice..yuck) so that gives you an idea how involved the questions are. I don't think I would be as stressed if so much weren't riding on the outcome of this class. I have to have at least a C (not a C-) in order for my grade to transfer. Otherwise, my class for fall gets dropped and I have to try and find a new one after EVERYONE else on the entire campus already has their schedule...can you say knitting 101? That will help me in my application process into opt. school... "please let me in....I'll make you a sweater!"

Not only do I need to pass for fall, it's also a personal pride issue. I am currently averaging like a high C or C+ and it just about kills me. I hate it. I have never done this bad in any class I have ever taken...EVER. And the worst part is, now that I have started out this mediocre...I most likely won't be able to pull my grade above a C+. The grade won't transfer over to school, only the credit....but knowing that I earned that grade is still upsetting. I guess the only thing to do now is kick butt this week and hope for the best on the final.

All I know is right now, it's crunch time. Gotta go chain myself to my chemistry book and say goodbye to socializing....sleeping....breathing....ya know, the small things. :S Wish me luck....I will let you know how it goes when the smoke clears and the dust settles. TTFN