Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hinder, Theory of a Deadman, and Motley Crue Concert

The Motley Crue/Hinder/Theory of a Deadman concert was recently at the Van Andel arena. Theory was first and they were really good....

Hinder was next and they were even better...loved them!

Motley Crue was the headliner...I know some of their old songs, but by about halfway through their performance, I had had enough. The lead singer's voice kind of reminds me of a cat...being drug through a car motor. I think my ears were bleeding. Their light show and pyrotechnics were AWESOME, but the music wasn't nearly as good as the first two.

It was actually very amusing to crowd-watch between sets. There was a group of people, probably in their 50's or so, sitting in the row in front of us smoking weed like crazy. Behind us, during Motley Crue's performance, a girl with the most giant boobs I have ever seen was dancing topless....hilarious, but unfortunately burned on to my retinas.