Sunday, April 04, 2010

I'll Buy My Own Dang Flowers.

It has been absolutely GORGEOUS here the last couple much sun and so warm! I had the day off on Friday so I did my usual errand running...groceries, bank, etc and then headed home to enjoy the beautiful weather. While out at the store, I happened to pass the floral section. I stood there thinking, "gah, I wish I had some nice man to buy me flowers." I then mentally kicked myself in the butt for being stuck in the 50's and grabbed a bunch of my favorite flowers. I don't need a man to buy me flowers; I love it, I'll be honest, but the point is, I don't NEED it. HA. So there.

After I got home and put my feminism, I mean flowers, in a vase, I called Michael and he came over for dinner.....what is the point of beautiful weather if you don't BBQ? Exactly. There isn't one, so we did.
I made seasoned onion burgers, baked beans and grilled corn....yummmy friggin' yummmy.

Doesn't quite fit in the low carb diet, but I need a cheat every now and again. Speaking of which, I have lost 14 pounds so far...two more pounds and I have hit my goal! YAY! Finally, that new swim suit I bought can be worn with pride!

In other news, I ended my relationship with Chris. I realized we wanted different things and felt differently for each other; I decided it would be best to end it now, before things became more involved and difficult. It was hard, because I hate hurting anyone, especially someone who cares for me, but we ended things on friendly terms and both want to remain friends.

More changes are coming my way, (part of my decision to end things with Chris too), and I can't WAIT. I am soooooo ready for some change....I have 17 days of work left; my last day is April 27th. Class starts May 17th. It's coming up fast! All of my classmates are meeting for the first time on April 16th for our own little "orientation", (pizza and beer at a popular local establishment), and we have an informal orientation the following day where we will meet our mentor and get a tour of the building.

I move into my new apartment on May 1st; it is taking everything I have not to start packing up all my stuff will have to be done soon, but not this soon or I will end up digging through all the boxes. However, I already deep cleaned my apartment so that is one less thing to worry about; I even moved the couches to vacuum. Guess what I found?....a plethora of "cat toys": ALL of my decorative stones from the dish on the coffee table, a pen, a pencil, a dry erase marker, the screw covers from the base of my toilet, the cover to my Ipod Shuffle, a cap to a bottle of hairspray, a hair tie, a couple gum wrappers, a couple dried leaves and two plastic springs (the only actual cat toys in the bunch).

Boy, was dinglefritzer excited when I revealed that little treasure....he couldn't even stay out of the area long enough for me to snap a pic.