Monday, August 31, 2009

Roadtrip? We Can All Go!

I've been back from my roadtrip out east for a week now...OMG. I looooooooooved it there! Diana and I rented a car and headed out to Maine two weeks ago. We traveled around the coast for the next week..taking in the sights. Instead of giving you lots of stuff to read, I'll break it down into easily digestible blog by day.

We spent allllll day driving to Maine on Monday. The drive was 15 hours long....grueling, but beautiful. We got a free double upgrade on our car; went from economy hatchback to a sleek, gorgeous Dodge Avenger. I WANT ONE. It was an awesome car...roomy, great stereo system and made us look gooood...Thank you Enterprise!

The trip was mostly uneventful...mostly. We ran into a little trouble in Massachusetts. A girl in her 20's apparently felt we had cut her off or something, because we spent the next 20 minutes trying to get around her while she cut us off, swerved erratically and then tried to pin us between her and a semi. At this point, we decided enough was enough and called the state police. We gave them all the information while she hit her brakes, got behind us and flashed her brights. We rode like this for another little bit until we could pull off into a rest area. She kept going and only a few minutes later, a state cop car went flying past, lights blazing. We got back on the road, but didn't see any pulled over cars...hopefully they caught her; what a nut job.

Anywho....with that problem solved, we got back on the road at made it into Portland, Maine by 1am. We checked into our hotels and zonked right out. It had been a long day and the following was packed with activities.