Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's Gonna Get Ugly.....

I am not neglecting my blogging on purpose...I swear. Our apartment complex is "trying" to fix our internet and has been for the last week. Only our building doesn't have internet....and all they can tell me is to be patient. If it isn't back on by tomorrow, somebody is getting an angry phone call; we are paying for this as part of our rent each month....refund? I think so.

Of course, the internet went down as soon as I uploaded the pictures from my formal last weekend. So....keep checking back. They will be up as soon as people get their butts in gear. Grrrr.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Today was Andy's White Coat Ceremony. The first two years of pharmacy school are entirely in a classroom, and the last two years of the program are internships and work related experience. As second year pharmacy students, he and his classmates received white, monogramed jackets symbolizing their move into their final two years of graduate study....kind of like a mini-graduation. Andy's Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa all came for the ceremony and we went out to eat after to celebrate.

I'm so proud of him!

Monday, April 14, 2008

<3 Eskimo Kisses <3

Twins, Basil.....Twins!

This last weekend was the calm(ish) before the storm, if you will. Deirdre and I realized that last weekend would be our last free weekend before our final exams so we decided to have one last theme party to celebrate the end of the year. We wanted to to "biker ho's and bicycle bros"....girls go trashy leather, boys go spandex and bike helmets, but the guys vetoed that quickly. Instead, we picked a friendlier theme: twins.

Friday night, my buddy, Matty, was dropped off by a friend so he could spend the weekend with me. He goes to Western and we are both really busy, so I don't see him often. It was so nice to catch up. Deirdre joined us for dinner at Applebee's and then we all headed out to the bar.

Saturday, our neighbors were also holding a party, but one that was all afternoon. We stopped by for a bit but left when Meggy arrived. She got to the apartments around 5ish and we headed over to the neighbors' place across the lot so she could meet (approve of) Andy....he passed :). There is always a ton of people there, but this weekend, it was especially packed. Andy's best friend and cousin were also up for the weekend.

Everybody dispersed around 8ish to go get ready for our party at 10. Lots of people came dressed alike...but some of us went all out with actual costumes...
Meggy and I went as cowgirl twins.

Andy, his roommate, and his cousin went as white trash triplets.

Matty went as himself and his missing twin.

(I just like this picture :) )

We had a great turnout, nothing was broken and everybody had a great time...the perfect party and a great way to have a bit of fun before buckling down for exams!

Monday, April 07, 2008

I'm In Love....With Two Men

I was sitting after dinner tonight, craving something chocolate....Ok, chocolate covered in chocolate fudge with chocolate chunks on the side. After much inner debate of whether I really needed it or not, I headed out to Meijers...the "want" side won over the "need."

I picked up a few things and then stood in the ice cream aisle, one pint in each hand trying to decide which to take home...Half Baked or Phish Food.

Common sense finally stepped in....I took both.

Mmmmmmm Delicious.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It Was A Tragic Day...

Grab me a tissue....I'm in mourning. My favorite pants have, *sob*, RIPPED. They were getting a little thin...okay, they feel like a fine flannel, but I figured they were still going strong.

It just sort of snuck up on me. I expected the inner thighs to go first. Those spots are pretty much thread-bare, and I fully expect those to explode any time now. I have looked, but they are no longer selling this style of jeans anymore so I am going to keep wearing this pair until they fall off my body in shreds. They are still my favorite pants...I just hope I am at home when they finally bite the dust.

View From Above...Almost Home

Adventurous End To Amelia

We left Amelia Island on Saturday night and headed back to the hotel by the Jacksonville airport. However, we found Saturday to be the most enjoyable day of our vacation. We rented a boat with two tour guides on Saturday to take us on the Amelia River. We were told that we would be able to see all kinds of natural wildlife.

The boat tour was only a couple hours, but we traveled quite a distance. We got into some open water and because it was a little speed boat, Captain Ron really took off. I loooooove boating, especially on open water like that.

We were able to enter some areas that would normally be above water and very marshy, but because of the tide, we had no problems. In these areas, we sighted a really large pod of dolphins. There were 15 or so of them and we followed them from a distance, but they swam right past the boat and we were able to get an up close and personal view. At one point, we were even able to see them flipping up out of the water.

We stayed with the dolphins for quite a while and then headed out to Cumberland Island. This island is on the other side of the Cumberland Sound...across from the beach we visited. However, this island is only accessible by boat and is inhabited by wild horses. We were able to drive the boat up to the edge of a salt marsh where these horses were feeding. No one cares for them; they are truly wild and look so healthy and beautiful.

As we were leaving the island, Captain Ron pulled up the boat on the beach, jumped off and took off running down the beach. Mom and I had been talking about finding the "perfect" shell, and because nobody visits this beach to pick shells, the sand was covered in them. He brought us a back a couple, and my favorite souvenir....a sea turtle rib bone. He said it was very rare and was a hefty fine if someone saw it on his boat. I brought it home in my purse and thought for sure that I would be stopped by airport security, but nobody even noticed.

We headed over to a different island, Tiger Island, which is also only accessible by boat. However, this island has homes...even one where JKF Jr. spent his honeymoon. As we were motoring past, we saw several more wild horses...even a couple who were sparring.

We began to head back because the weather was turning nasty...rain clouds were rolling in. On our way back, we motored past one last island in hopes of seeing an alligator, but no such luck. We sped back across the open water, which was now quite choppy and headed back to the marina. We both loved the tour and found it to be an excellent ending point for our vacation on Amelia.


While Cumberland Sound was absolutely gorgeous, the burn I managed to give myself was not. I knew I was getting a little pink, but by 9pm that night, I was very sorry that I didn't listen to Mom and put on some sunscreen.


Birds of Cumberland Sound