Sunday, April 29, 2007

Song in My Head 2

Okay, so apparently I can only post one song at a time, but here is another song takin up space in my head.....Love, love, love this song!! Cracks me up...listen carefully to the words! ;)

Song in My Head

I have a bunch of songs stuck in my head (don't know how they fit seeing as finals start TOMORROW) so I thought I would share with you....I can only post one at a time so here is my new favorite Avril Lavigne song...enjoy!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lady's Photo Shoot

Little Lady acting bashful..."Please, no photographs..."
"Okay, maybe just one....wait! I wasn't ready!"
"Ok, there's your put the camera away and pet me."

Ooo...How I love this pup! :D

Sunlit Sweethearts

Tangles of Trees

Break Time!

WAHOO!! I am finally able to take a break to do some posting. My life has been pretty dang hectic lately! I had an accounting exam yesterday and my lab practical exam today. I think I did pretty well on both of them, but I will know for sure tomorrow. I have spent the last couple weeks getting stuff around and studying for finals. Tomorrow is my absolute last day of class for the year and then all next week are my exams. I have two on Monday, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday. Mom and Dad are coming to help me move out on Thursday night...YAY!! I am sooooooooo excited for summer!

Not a whole lot else is new...I have been spending a lot of my time studying, but I am still finding time to hang out with people. I started hanging out with a girl, Jess, from second floor, and she and I are so alike! I wish I had met her earlier in the year, but we are forming a friendship that I can see lasting. :D

I am love, love, LOVING the single life!! I had forgotten how much fun it was to get out and meet new people and be completely unattached! It's funny because all of my friends are single right now so we are all "scopin' the scene." It's fun to go out and be like "ooo he's cute...dibs!!" ;)

I am soooooooooooooo excited! Next Friday after exams, Meg and I are going to Albion college to meet up with our friend, Mark. He is on the baseball team and in a frat there and they are throwing a huge party for the end of the year. I haven't seen Meg or Marky in a while and he wants us to come hang out with him and meet all his buddies... :D :D :D Should be a blast!

However, can't get too riled up just yet....gotta get through finals week first. I'm not too worried and my stress levels are doing okay... but check with me in a few days and it might be different. ;) Wish me luck!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Big Changes, Bunnies, and Black Bars

Three weeks left! Three weeks left! WAHOO!!!! We only have three weeks of school left and I am soooooooooooo excited!

This last weekend was Easter break so I headed home for a bit of much need R and R. I was done with class on Wednesday so I went home that night. The next morning, I got up and got ready to head into town. I went first to sign up for my Certified Nursing Assistant class and found out some great news....I was originally informed that the earliest class they offered was the first week of June, but I was able to get into a class the week after I get done with school. No wasted time in between..yay! After that, I headed back home and off into the opposite direction to meet with people from my grad school of choice. They were so nice and so helpful. I was given a tour of the entire facilities (GORGEOUS) and was even able to meet with one of the heads of the PA department who actually interviews potential candidates. I got such great advice, and they were really impressed with my current grades and involvement....:D

On Friday, I was able to go in and job shadow with a PA for the morning. What a great experience! I was able to see everything from chest xrays to treating of sinus infections. And talk about throwing you right into the deep end... the first patient I sat in on was having a PAP smear, yikes! Good morning! Anyway, I absolutely loved the career and have a renewed sense of purpose here at school. I know what I want to do and how to get it's just putting in the time and effort.

Friday night, I had dinner at the Tyrrell's....mmmmmm tasty! Gotta get some cooking lessons in with Auntie J. It was really nice to sit down and chat with everybody....lots of stuff going on and I like to hear what people think.

Saturday night, I went to dinner with Meggy at Logan's. We then met Di and did some retail therapy at the mall. It was so nice to hang with the girls...thank God for good friends.
We found these absolutely ridiculous looking jumpers...basically top and shorts sewn together and just had to try them on. They were a little (okay, a LOT) low cut so I had to black bar us...

Yeah, we are hard core, collar poppin', jumper wearing gansta's...word to your motha....

Yesterday was Easter and it was a relaxed day for the family. My brother and I got up and found the Bunny had been good to us. I got tons of chocolate to last me through my finals :D. Mom also made dinner for us...mmmm tasty again! Gonna have to get some cookin' lessons from momma too! After dinner, I packed up my stuff and headed back to school....*sigh* I asked Mom and Dad if I could stay home and crochet blankets for a living while living off of them, but thye didn't go for it..... It was worth a try.

And the sad news... Mike and I broke up last night. We kinda called things off to think about our relationship over the weekend, but we talked last night and ended things. Things had been rough for a while...a lot of fighting and miscommunications. It was hard to do, because there were so many great things about him and so many ways that we were good for each other. However, communication is key in a relationship, and Mike and I never really clicked in that area. I thought over time as we got to know each other, things would fall into place, but they just didn't. We weren't meant to be, and you can't force something that just doesn't fit. It hurts now, but I know we will both be happier in the long run.

And now, back to the grindstone....lots of studying to do....big exam on Thursday and dang it, I'm going to rock this one!

Monday, April 02, 2007

More Addition

There are 17 days of school left (plus exam week)...that is:

-14 more Anatomy lectures

-10 more Biology and Accounting lectures

-7 more Human Sexuality lectures

-3 more tests

Add it all up and you have....ONE HAPPY GIRL!!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dinner and A Movie

What a success! Last night was the formal I planned for the Student Alumni Gold Club. Several members of our club and their dates got all dolled up and went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant called Noto's in Grand Rapids. The food was PHENOMENAL!!! We had Ceasar salad, Alfredo Primavera, slivered beef, breaded sicilian chicken, duchess mashed potatoes, seasonal veggies and a dessert medley.....we practically had to be rolled out the front door! Mike and I drove down by ourselves and met everyone there. We sat with a really fun group; we were laughing the whole time!
Mike and I getting ready to leave for GR.
At dinner, lookin good in green! :D
Our table enjoying dinner.
Student Alumni Gold Club

After dinner, Mike and I took two of our friends, Deirdre and her boyfriend, Derek, with us to the IMAX theater in GR and met another couple, Shawna and Dave. It was so funny to see everyone turn, stare or even point at us. I guess not many people wear cocktail dresses or suits to the movies! We bought tickets to see 300, but arrived too late to sit all together. We split into the couples and dispersed throughout the theater. Mike and I were about 10 rows was ridiculous! The IMAX screen was HUGE!!!! The movie was actually really good too. I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did, but I really enjoyed it. It was really bloody and gory and that usually isn't my fav, but this had such a compelling story it didn't matter. After the movie, We drove Derek and Deirdre back to school with us. We got back around 1am or so and were so full and sleepy that we all crashed. What a great night!