Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winds of Change

I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions. I've made them in the past, only to break them shortly after. This year, I didn't make any resolutions; however, I have decided to make some changes. Over the last couple years, I have put on a few pounds here and there. Between the drinking, bad food choices and less exercise, about 20 pounds has snuck onto my frame. I haven't been happy about my weight for a while, but when I saw the numbers on the scale over Christmas break, it really hit me....It's time for a change.

At first, I really didn't know where to start...I have tried the low-fat, low calorie diets in the past and I was always hungry and eventually fell off the wagon and into a big pile of chips. I began reading about the Atkins diet and found that the literature made a lot of sense. The diet is centered around proteins and healthy fats, and it restricts carb intake. It allows you to eat certain proteins until you are full, and restricts you to a certain number of carbs each day, gained from vegetables. Breads, chips, pasta, sugar, etc, are out. I think this will be a good diet for me...I am a carb addict. I started yesterday, and can't believe how much fun I am having with this diet....yes, I said FUN. I love the experimentation of cooking foods in different ways and making myself healthy meals. I am enjoying keeping track of my carb intake (so easy!) and I am not hungry in between meals. I eat 4 small meals each day and find that I am eating less....I'm not as hungry. I am so excited about this new life change; I feel this may be something I can finally stick to doing.

Today, I got up and made myself scrambled eggs with green peppers, onions, ham and cheddar cheese. I made a larger portion because it was late for breakfast and early for lunch, so I wanted to count it for both meals. I have to work tonight, so I prepared my dinner early, and packed it to go. I made Chicken Pizza.....I wish I could post "smell" for you along with the pictures, because, holy cow, my apartment smells deeeee-lish. Anywho.....I pounded flat three chicken breasts and placed them in a small, glass baking dish with some melted butter in the bottom the dish. I poured a little more butter over the chicken and placed them in a 400 degree oven for about 30 minutes. I turned them once during the baking, sprinkled them with Italian seasoning at this point, and then allowed to them to brown.

After the chicken browned, I removed the dish and placed one teaspoon of tomato sauce on each piece of chicken, layered my veggies (onion and green pepper) and then sprinkled a little mozzarella cheese on top. I place the dish back in the oven for another 20 minutes until the veggies softened a little and the cheese melted and slightly browned.

I am taking one of the Chicken Pizzas and a salad of romaine lettuce with cucumbers and oil/apple cider vinegar dressing for dinner tonight.

Around 9pm, I will be able to have a snack; tonight will be celery with tomato basil cream cheese. All of this food, in large portions, and I still will not have gone over my carbs for the day. I love knowing that I am eating fresh, well prepared food and I don't have to starve myself.

I am so excited about these changes, that I am also making changes elsewhere in my life. I recently bought a Wii, and the Wii Fit Plus package. I am slowly changing my sleeping patterns to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier so I can work out in the mornings. I have used the Wii the last few days and I can't believe how great of a workout it is! I am sore all over and I have a lot of fun doing the workouts so I know I am more likely to stick with it. My main goal is not to lose the extra weight and then abandon these changes...I am making changes that I want to incorporate into my life, longterm; of course, toning up and shedding some extra pounds are on the goal sheet, but it's a lot bigger than that. I already feel better in just these first few days, and I can't wait to keep you updated on the progress I make.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Bonne Annee!

Happy New Year! This New Year's Eve was spent with good drinks, lots of laughs and great friends.

Me and Meggy

Me and Deirdre
 Lucky boy!

Friends from France....Simon and Florent
 Color of the night....Gray!

Welcome 2010!