Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Exams Are Over....Now What?

The semester is OVER! Yippee!!! It was a very long stressful semester, but I managed to come out with a B in Microbiology, an A- in Genetics and an A in ISYS. Not too shabby. My exams finished early compared to most people, therefore, I was left with a little free time. My roomates and I decided that we wanted a beer pong table... we got the supplies and I was named master painter.

We all sat down and I sketched out some designs. We decided on a martini theme... yes, we know it's a beer pong table, but it's our table and we will make it as girlie as we choose. Kait and I picked up the supplies and I got down to work sketching and painting. IT LOOKS SO CUTE! We added the coats of sealant to make it water proof and are getting around to putting 2x4's around the edges to stop spills...."getting around to" because we have to find someone with a saw and a powerdrill.

The table....it's a sheet of plywood that goes on top of our dining room table. When we are done, we can just slide it behind the couch...Viola!

Stacked up olives...where the cups go

Close up of the martini

Tonight, Kait and I are finished with exams and are going to make Chirstmas cookies. After the baking festivities are over, D and Kp are going to join us to break in the table. We figured it would be best to bake before, rather than after....safety first.