Sunday, July 01, 2007

All In A Day's Work

Whew! It's already July....can't believe it, and once again, I've been neglecting my blogging. Recent news includes a new boyfriend. He's a gentleman...opens doors, etc and is a total sweetie....not to mention CUTE. I'm happy, can you tell? ;)

In other news, I have been working up a storm.....would like more days, but am keeping busy with what I have. I love love love my job. The people are so nice. The work isn't hard, just time consuming. With conversations like these, though, I am endlessly amused, and the hours fly by......

Little old lady #1: "SHELLY! I can't find my teeth!"
Me: "Well, where did you have them last?"
L1: "I don't remember."

That narrows it down....searching around....

M: "Here they the trash...let me go clean them."
L1: "oh good...thanks." return the teeth and wait two mintues "SHELLY! I can't find my teeth!"
M: "You just had them....wait there they are, under your chair."
Wait a few minutes....
L1: "SHELLY! My teeth are missing again!"
M: "They are on the table next to you."
L1: "oh, right. Maybe you should put these somewhere safe..."
M: "Good idea."

Ummm, your mouth?

Old man: "I have a girlfriend, you know."
me: "Oh really? is she cute?"
O: "No."
M: "No? not even a little?"
O: "No. But we get along."
M: "Oh, well that's important too. What's her name?"
O: "I don't remember."
M: "You don't remember your girlfriend's name?!?"
O: "Nah. Let me think; it will come to me."

Little while later while seated on the toilet...

O: "Oh! I remember! Her name is Della."
M: "You remembered her"
O: Grin

There's the love of a lifetime......"Who are you?"....PFFFFT......."ahh Yes, now I remember."

Little old lady #2 is sitting in a chair across from me in the living room, head titled back, mouth wide open, asleep. I have a bit of a cough fit going.

L2: Lifts head and stares at me hacking away.
Me: cough cough cough
L2: "Is that a cold?"
M: "um I dont think so..."
L2: Sniff...glare...flops head back and jaw falls back open.

Apparently gravity is a stronger force than the muscle tension she has in her jaw.

M: "Yes?"
L2: Smacks lips repeatedly and then procedes to lick entire area surrounding her mouth from chin to nostrils.
M: "Is your mouth dry? Want something to drink?"
L2: "Ya."

At this point, she has stopped asking for liquids. She now just calls my name and does her little lip licking action....she is either coming on to me or is really thirsty.

All in a day's work....and I get paid for this kind of entertainment.