Monday, May 29, 2006

Spicy Pineapple Chicken Salad

Boneless skinless chicken breasts or tenders (enough to fill a skillet)
1 large can crushed or chunked pineapple
Mrs. Dash seasoning- Original Blend
Romain Lettuce
Shredded Mozarella cheese
Strawberries or raspberries (optional)

Cook time: half hour to 45 minutes

Place frozen chicken pieces in a large skillet and pour in pineapple. Sprinkle seasoning over chicken and pineapple. Cover pan with lid and cook on med-high heat. Check chicken occasionally and leave the lid on the pan until the chicken is cooked through. While chicken is cooking, chop lettuce into a large bowl. Strawberries or raspberries may also be added for a sweeter, tangier salad. Remove the chicken and dice into small strips or pieces. Retrun chicken to pan. Simmer chicken peices and pineapple without the lid until most of the juice has evaporated (about 15 minutes). Remove pan from heat. While the chicken and pineapple are still warm, spoon a generous amount over your lettuce. Add desired amount of cheese immediately and allow the cheese to melt. Enjoy!

Retail Therapy

I had today off so Mom and I decided to have a girls' day. We went shopping at the mall and surrounding stores. I got three pairs of shorts and four really cute new shirts. I LOVE SHOPPING! We also went to a afternoon matinee at the movie theater. We saw Over the cute! It was pretty funny, even though it was geared toward little kids. There was a group next to us that was laughing so hard it made it even funier. However, the fellow next to me had a SERIOUS case of B.O. It was 90 degrees today, but I mean come on! Deodorant application is not a hard, involved process. Anywho....Mom and I had a great time. I love days when it is just me and her...I don't get my mommy all to myself often enough. Right now I am making us dinner (spicy pineapple chicken salad....mmmmm) so I better go check on the chicken. :)

Oh- other news to note...Aunt Julie, Joyce, Sam and my mom came into work last night so I could be their waitress. It was fun...and the tip was very generous! (THANK YOU!) Yesterday at work was a very good day in general....I have been making about $20 in tips for about 5 hours and yesterday I made over $65 in 7 hours!(not including the family's hefty tip) I was BUSY! Not complaining though :).........

Thursday, May 25, 2006


I am making good tips now at work...thank goodness. 2.65 an hour doesn't really amount to much.

Tomorrow Trish and I are going to lunch and doing a little shopping. Ahhh, retail therapy...for her anyway. I can look, but I can't touch....I am poor.

Boys are confusing. A guy I find attractive keeps flirting like crazy and mentions hanging out, but then never follows through. :/ I am flirty back but still, nothing. I don't want a boyfriend; I just ended a long-term ralationship. I just wanna go on dates and have fun. We work together right now, but he has put in his two-week notice (like a week ago) so maybe he doesn't want to pursue anything until after he is finished working there. I dunno...kinda frustrating though. And yes I know I could probably ask, but I am a chicken and slightly old-fashioned...I liked to be asked. *sigh* Whatever....lots of available men out there :)

I tried some sunless tanner a few days ago. I was so pale I was reflective in bright not attractive. This stuff is amazing-Coppertone sunless tanner for medium skin tones...LOVE IT!

My brother and dad are leaving for a week in Florida. I'm jealous. I can't go because I have class...SUCKY. I would gladly skip (it's calculus..bleh) but mom and dad vetoed that one. I'd never catch up anyway. Still, SUCKY.

Off to shop-vac the inside of my car. I can't remember the last time I did that and there is enough sand in there to build a sandcastle. TTFN

Monday, May 22, 2006

On My Own

Well folks, I am a waitress....not just a waitress-in-training. I got my first tables on my own 2 nights ago and then again last night. I kicked butt if I do say so myself. I really like waitressing; it is hard, but fun. The tips are nice too :).

Saturday night I worked until ten and then got together with Trish and Meg (Di wasn't feeling well). We went bowling and then were going to go swimming, but the pool closed at 11 and it was already 10:45. Well, we were bowling along and then all of a sudden a guy in a security uniform approaches us. I didn't have my glasses on so I could see who he was as he approached, but it turned out to be Brandon, my trainer from work. He came over to say hi and see what was going on and we told him about our cancelled swimming plans. He said not to worry about it and to come on over anyway. He works security there as well (the bowling alley and pool are connected). Wahoo! It was so much fun. We swam until like 12 or so and he kept coming in to check on us so we wouldn't look suspicious. Gotta love friends....nice that he is muchos attractive too. Helpful and fun to look at! :)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Working Girl

I started calculus class 2 days ago...phew I have had it before in high school, but still, this stuff is HARD. It probably doesn't help that I don't really like all. I understand the info, but it is forcing myself to pay attention for 2 and a half hours that it the worst part. I have class Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Thankfully the class isn't early in the morning...I think I would die.
I also started my new job 2 days ago. I am training to be a waitress and let me tell you...this is some hard work, people! There is sooooo much to remember and the worst part for me is balancing the trays with all the plates and drinks. I am constantly praying that I don't drop arm muscles are going to be huge after this summer :). I really like this job though. The people I work with are a lot of fun and the guy who is training me is a riot. I am having an awesome time so far and I finish up my training in 5 or 6 days. After that, I get my own tables...I can't wait! It makes me nervous to have someone standing over my shoulder listening to make sure I say everything correctly. It's necessary, but still nerve-racking. Well, I have to be in to work soon...better go shower. TTFN

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I have been home for just three days, but jeez...what a whirlwind these last three days have been. Moving out was fine...sad, but efficient. We had all my crap packed in about an hour and we were ready to go...hardest part was saying goodbye. :( It's weird to not see everyone after seeing them every single day for the past year. I am thinking about having a girls only weekend here and inviting all the girlies to come hang out.
These last couple of days have been a zoo! I was out and about trying to find a job for the about an ego zapper...There is always something that they don't like. However, I finally had a breakthrough and got an interview at Bob Evan's...and I got the job! FINALLY! I have another interview pending at Buffalo Wild Wings. I think I would rather work there-better tips- but I am going to wait and see how things go...I am just thankful to have a friggen job.
I start my calculus class on Wednesday...wahoo(sarcasm there). Today is my last day of absolutely I miss those days of having a whole summer ahead of me with nothing to do....better go make the most of what I do have. TTFN :)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Okay, so people say girls take forever to get ready?!?.....I say pooh-pooh.....guys are way worse. It is early here, before nine and I am ready to go to breakfast. However, my boy-toy is not. How is that me, up till one last night mind you, got up at 8 and was ready to go at our determined time (8:30) but he is not? It's creepin up on 8:45 and he just got in the shower. *sigh* The waffles are so close yet so far away. He better be out by 9 or I am leaving without him. Which is better, the love of a good-lookin guy or a strawberry waffle with whipped cream???....I don't know might be a toss-up ;)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

That's All Folks...

Well, I just finished my last exam as a college freshman...ahhhh. It was my chemistry exam and it was TOUGH. I studied for this test like crazy and I am not even sure it helped that much. I studied a lot of general info and the prof. put the more obscure info on it...crap. I won't know my grade until later in the week and so I am not going to worry about it until then. What's done is done and there isn't anything I can do about it now.
Yesterday was kinda weird. I had a bacon turkey sandwhich for dinner last night and I don't think it was good. I was sick all last night....we are talking major sick. I haven't thrown up that hard since I was like 6. I conked out at like 9:30 and slept solid until like 10 this morning. When I got up, I felt fine....strange.
Today my stomach is fine...definitely just had a triple of Superman ice cream to celebrate the end of Chemistry. Meg and Kait both had one too so I don't feel fat all alone :) Hey, that's what friends are for... TTFN

Monday, May 01, 2006

Catch Ups....Lil' Bits of Everything

I noticed earlier that I never stated the outcome of the Honor's Cup. We lost by four points. :(
Disappointing...the last game (flag football) sealed our fate.

Went rollerblading this thighs are still screaming at me (obscene names).

Saw my high school's production of The Sound of brother was in the orchestra. It was amazing!

I went home for the weekend and studied for my exams. Hopefully it was enough. I have my first exam today at 2. Wish me luck!

That's all for now...Have a good one :)