Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Where does the time go?? Time for some catching up and other bits and pieces...

*Thanksgiving was wonderful....mmmmm amazing food, family and loooooots of time off...perfect

*Tall, dark and handsome (or TDH as we will call him) is still tall, dark and handsome....but I'm also finding him to be sweet and thoughtful....yupp he's great...I know you are jealous ;) mmm*happy*

*Two weeks of classes left before exams...where did the semester go?!?

*Got together with the Ludington Girls this weekend....shopping, dinner, shopping and then ice cream....I LOVE my friends

*Playing in a volleyball tournament this weekend...pray to God I don't injure myself....going tonight to play a bit....I'm a lil rusty

*Only Tuesday, and I feel like it's been eons since the weekend....looking forward to the coming weekend...*sigh*

Okay...I think that's news you all have missed....riveting, huh? ;) Off to study....exams are approaching!! *gulp*

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tall, Dark and Handsome

Wow...can't believe it has been a week since my last post. Jeez! I'm slackin! This week went very fast and this weekend has been GREAT! Thursday night I picked up Meg and headed over to see Di. Di was having a girls only party at her apartment. There were 40 of us there. What a blast!!! Meg and I left on Friday-late morning. I had to drop her back off with her boyfriend, so I was in the car for an eternity. I finally got back to school around 5ish.

A few weeks back a guy I know, Mike, asked me a couple times to come play basketball with him at the gym. I couldn't go because of all the crap going on with my classes. However, things have lightened up a bit with class now. So early in the week, on Wednesday...I think, I asked Mike to go shoot around for a while and we got to talking and really clicked. When I got back to school on Friday, we started chatting and he asked me out to a movie with him later that night. We went and saw the new Bond movie.....good by the way, Die Another Day was better, but still good. Anyway, we thought it would be busy so went went about a half hour early and chatted nonstop until the movie started. I had a great time; he is very sweet and is such a gentleman- opened doors, etc. Nice change from some other losers I have been around lately.

Yesterday, I got up and decided to go shoot around and asked him to join me. We went and played for about an hour and then he asked me if I wanted to come watch the Michigan/Ohio state game with him. I agreed (*HECK YES*), got showered and walked over. We watched the game, and then he took me out to dinner at AppleBee's. It was pretty early when we finished eating, and things we going so well, he came back to my room to watch a movie. Again, we had a great time...talking is easy and comfortable and he makes me laugh. He is very, very shy and reserved. He doesn't say much at first, but once you get him going, he really opens up.

Our personality types seem to mesh quite well. He has a great sense of humor...very similar to mine. He is also working toward the same degree as mine (bachelor of applied biology), but for physical therapy...(he's a year older though). I'm not really sure where this is going to go...it's still very early and I'm taking it slow....but this one may have potential.

Oh and one of the best parts...I finally found a tall guy....he's 6'6"
MMM tall, dark and handsome :D

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I Can't BELIEVE I Missed It!!!

This past weekend I went home...again. :D All my friends went home this weekend too, and I seem to get crap done better at home- not as many distractions....and Mommy's there...duh. Anyway, I was sitting up last night, reading biology and waiting for my brother to get home. I was thinking about other stuff- which usually happens when I am reading in my text books...I don't know if you have heard this or not, but the chapters of biology regarding evolution are very dry. I watched "Men in Trees" earlier in the evening and was thinking about it moving to a new night and time.

Okay...this story will be better in stream of conciousness:

Me: I really like that show....I am glad it is moving to Thursdays after Grey's....Grey's is sooo good....mmmmmm McDreamy...*pause here for a couple fantasies*....Okay so Men in Trees after Grey's...dang...worth it, but late night....hope I don't have tests or crap on Fridays...like this last Thursday night spent at the library for Friday's organic chemistry test.....wait a second....Thursday?? Library till 11pm??...OH MY GOD!!! I missed Grey's Anatomy!!!!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING????...oh I know....homolytic bond cleavages and bromonium ions....CRAP!

Okay stream over. I know, I know, school comes first. But DANGIT! I NEVER miss Grey's...and I didn't even remember enough to tape it. Fricken chemistry...another reason to hate it. Kaitlyn realized she missed it too and watched it online....guess I will have to do that too...it's just not the same.

Well, now it is off to bed for this little one. A biology test is waiting for me at 9am tomorrow morning. You can't even comprehend the level of excitement I am trying to control over that. *In case you missed it, that was just a little sarcasm inserted there.....* :D

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Peek-A-Boo Moon

Catchin' Up...

Ahh what a whirlwind these last few days have been! Recap time:

Thursday of last week I decided that Friday morning classes would be just fine without me and I packed up and went home. I needed a break from cubicle of a dorm room and dang it, I needed a hug from my Mommy.

Friday morning, my Michael's physics class shot off their trebuchets. They worked in small groups and all built these awesome machines. They flung pumpkins, water bottles, etc. It was so awesome to watch. Michael's group did AWESOME! It may be sisterly pride, but I think theirs was by far the best. It shot the most consistanly and launched that stuff!

Here is the trebuchet and if you look in the air, that silver blob is a 5lb weight they just launched.

And again....this time the blob is a big jug of water...sweet explosion when it landed too!!

Saturday and Sunday were nice relaxing days with my Mommy. I got a ton of homework crap done that I had been putting off for a while. Michael, Mom and I all went to dinner together(Daddy was out of town) at Logan's Roadhouse on Saturday night ......MMM Good food!

Yesterday I went to the library for a couple of hours to research for a paper due tomorrow...yeah I put it off a little. I hammered out 5 pages last night and finished the last 5 today. My research paper had to be 8 to 12 pages....on recycling..wa-freakin-hoo. Amazing how much crap I can pour out on to paper....I wish we got topics that fired us up and made us want to do our papers. But hey, whatever, I'm happy it's done.

Today, you can just call me miss productivity. I finished my paper this morning including all of the documentation of sources, spent an hour and a half at the library studying organic chemistry and even went running for an hour! Getting my crap finished and out of the way felt FANTASTIC!

To celebrate my productivity, I spent the rest of my evening lounging around. I went across the hall to see the Kaits. We were watching TV and saw an older woman with her hair in pig tails. We got talkin about it and decided the cut-off age for pig tails is 23 and even younger if you look stupid. Well, we had to compare pig tails and of course cameras were present.

We are so random....and I think my cut-off age was a long time ago....

Why is my mouth open?? *note to self: keep mouth shut in photos...you look goofy* Maybe we will bring the "pig tail look" back...followed by stretch pants, "winderbreaker" suits and sweatshirts with iron-on pictures and puffy paint...yeah I'm not holding my breath ;)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Teaherisms #4: We've Got Chemistry!

Today in my 8am organic chemistry class, we were discussing how certain chemical elements react. We were told that elements that are more reactive are less selective with whom they react and those that are less reactive are more selective. Our teacher told us to remember it like this: "When you are 15, you are really reactive...and you don't care who you react with, as long as you are reacting. But when you are 25, you are less reactive and much more selective." This was a hoot all on its own, but then he paused and added "However, then you hit 5o and aren't reactive at all." Niiiice. The whole situation was made that much better by the fact that he was wearing a full Sponge-Bob Square Pants costume. He really wanted to dress up for Halloween and we don't have class on Tuesdays. He was sure to point out the "strategically placed tie" as he called it (it hung right over his crotch.) We were ROARING with laughter....that's one way to start the day! :D

Screw It! Parts One and Two

I got up this morning, had my yogurt smoothie, took my shower, got ready and went to class. By my third class this morning, my stomach was GROWLING. Yup, the liquid diet isn't cutting it. I came back to my room and decided to go get lunch. I got down to the cafeteria, took one look at the soups and said SCREW IT. They had pasta alfredo for lunch so I grabbed a LARGE container and stocked up. And guess what? It was freakin' AMAZING (once I let it cool down.)

As part of my Medical Anthropology class, we are required to do a service learning project. I chose Big Brothers Big Sisters for my project. I would be set up with a child from the community to mentor. Well, I filled out my information at the end of August, had my interview in the beginning of September and have been playing phone tag with the coordinator and his secretary since then. I need to know the name of my little sib and I called the coordinator several times, and then his secretary who gave me his cell number. Well, he didn't answer that either and didn't return my call. I called the secretary back and she said she would contact him and get back to me. She got through to him and called me back and said I could just show up at the school for lunch whatever day was good for me and the coordinator would be there because he is there everyday. Umm, you couldn't tell me that TWO WEEKS AGO??!?!?? So, I went to the school today, stood around for 20 minutes, and guess what? THE COORDINATOR WASN'T THERE!!! ARGHHHH This is so frustrating! I have wanted to do this program since high school. However, the total lack of structure and ability to return a friggen phone call makes me want to just forget about it. If I weren't required to do this project for class, I would have said SCREW IT a loooooooooooong time ago.