Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas To All....

You are reading the blog of an expert pie maker. Admit are jealous of my mad skillz. Mom taught me how to make homemade crusts yesterday, and I can proudly say I made two pumpkin pies and a cherry pie that turned out B-E-A-Utiful. I feel pretty dang proud of myslef. It's a new tradition for Mommy and me and I will be able to use that skill for the rest of my life. :D Now on to the festivities.......


Hope everyone had a good morning. I know I sure did! Mom woke me up around 7:30 this morning and I learned how to prepare a turkey. Shortly there after, Aunt JoAnne arrived and we all gathered in the living room to open presents. Santa sure was generous this year! Michael and I got everything we wanted and then some. I got several DVDs; a nice, big TV; a DVD/VCR player and a real cool air pump that plugs into the lighter in my car. The air pump is a really great gift because my car tires are constantly low...and I hate the idea of paying for's air, for pete's sake!! Anywho....This morning was really nice- relaxing and fun. We are heading over to Aunt Julie's at one to meet the whole family for Christmas dinner. Can't wait for that turkey!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm Gonna Slap Him Upside His Bulbous, Over-Inflated Head....

Well, grades are in...
Medical Anthropology: A
Advanced Composition: A
General Biology: B
Organic Chemistry: C

Wait, what was that?? C in Organic??? I KNOW!!!! How is it that I can basically fail all the tests we had and still get a C in this class? The professor's curve must be more like a freakin circle! I swear to Pete...(NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION....We'll come back to that) I spent this entire semester nearly giving myself an ulcer. Apparently, the grading scale consists of: test grades, lab grades, general feeling toward the student, eenie-meenie-minie-mo and some dice rolling. Jeez...glad I got my undies in a bunch over that. Not that I am ungrateful for the nudge into passing land...I just think the whole power trip thing the professor had going wasn't really necessary....hence the title of this post.

Now- (from above) New Year's Resolution Explanation....
I know it's a little early, but I already have my New Year's resolution all ready to go. *Drum roll please*: I am going to clean up my language. Apparently, I have been channeling my inner sailor for a while now. Nothing like a little foul language to class a girl up....

So, here's the plan:
Step one- swearing is out...fillers are okay...shoot, dang, crap, friggen, etc. However, figgen may be borderline...jury is still out.
Step two- No more "God" exclamations....which is where Pete comes in (I don't know any Petes so that is why I used that I just like it) Listen for more phrases like "honest to Pete", "Mother of Pete" or the good ol' standbys of "Honest to goodness" and "goodness gracious"....hmmm maybe this step is a little overboard... blue hair dye anyone?

Monday, December 18, 2006

And She's Back in the Game.....

Hey there..I'm back!! I know, I know...thank God, right? ;) So much has happened in such a short amount of time! Wanna know what's been going on? Well, too bad..I'm going to tell you anyway and if you don't like it, you can leave.

First off: Tall, Dark and Handsome, aka Mike, and I are officially a couple. Wahoo, I know. *insert my happy dance here* He is such a sweetheart..none of that crap the girls told me about him being a jerk has been at all apparent. We exchanged gifts and he got me the newest Deirks Bently CD, The Devil Wears Prada DVD and a box of chocolates. However, not just any chocolates...he went all over in search of a box that was filled with only coconut filled dark chocolates...MY FAVORITE! Delicious! He also gave me a small key and heart charm on a chain....he said it was the key to his heart....AWWWWWWWWWWW Makin' ya sick yet?? ;)

I am finally home for Christmas break. I thought this semester was never going to end. Umm Organic Chemistry??? Freakin kill me..... I'm pretty sure I bombed that final. I have to retake the class for sure because the grade is no where near high enough to get into optometry school. However, I found out before the final that I could OUT AND OUT FAIL the whole class and still have a high enough GPA to stay in the honors a little pressure was taken away. I also had a Biology final, but thought it wasn't that bad. I will get all of my final grades tonight after 7pm....I hate that they take so long to be posted. Ulcer anyone?

I totally revamped my schedule for next semester. I decided not to take Organic Chemistry 2 with the professor I just had because we obviously didn't work well together. His teaching style didn't match my learning style and I refuse to kill myself again next semester just to have to retake the class again anyway. I am going to wait until next year and start with orgo 1 and go through orgo 2 with a different professor. I would have taken a different professor this semseter, but the one I want is on sabatical for a year... crap. Anyway, I switched some classes around, dropped a couple and added some new ones. So here it is:
*Biology 2
*Human Anatomy and Physiology
*Human Sexuality
*Principles of Accounting
Hmmmm a little science, anyone?

Went to the dentist and the optometrist today. Good news: no cavities. Bad news: My vision prescription radically changed. Apparently I am blind..okay, not really....but I couldn't see far away before and in the last 2 years I have developed pretty bad astigmatism and now have trouble seeing up close as well as far away. I am currently trying contacts and *good lord almighty* they are difficult to get used to. It took me about 7,895,976 tries to get the friggen things in at the office....and of course that process ruined my eye makeup. I left looking like somebody rubbed my face in the carpet and then made me cry. The doctor even said I looked like I was in a fight...lovely, thanks. I was doing fine seeing out of them earlier, but just in the last hour or so they have gotten kind of hazy on me...maybe I should go clean them. (If there is a lot of typos in this post, I apologize...I can't see the screen very well.)

I am going to try and keep up with the posts over break, but I have to do them from my home computer. My laptop....aka the crap heap.....has been sent in to the manufacturer to be fixed..AGAIN. Anyway-I'll be back, but don't expect an everyday appearance...I can only handle so much dial-up internet. ;) Phew...Feels good to be back!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

So Sorry

Hey everyone...sorry for the lack of posts, but my computer had a seizure and soon as I get it back, I will catch all of you up on the latest happenings. Until then...TTFN.