Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bullet Points (Stole the Idea)

...Well, asterisks actually, because I don't know how to make bullet points....

*It is almost July, and I am just now catching you up....shame on me

*I finished out the end of the semester with pretty good grades. I only had one minor snag...I checked my final grades and had a C for Organic chemistry. Now, going into the final I had an A/B....and I knew I didn't do that poorly on the final. I emailed my professor and oopsy-daisy...he entered in the wrong grade. I actually got a B+ in the course...glad I asked. Dummy.

*I studied my butt off the week after exams- the last thing I wanted to be doing, mind you- for my GRE (graduate record exam) that following Friday. I took the test Friday morning and after four solid hours of answering questions on a computer, my eyeballs and brain were useless. I got my scores and thought I did decent. However, I got my official scores in the mail and I actually did better than I remembered...apparently the eyes/brain really were useless. I called the grad school I am interested in about my scores and they were very happy with them, saying I would get full points on my application in that area. Phew! Retake did not sound like a good time!

*Started work at the assisted living home where I worked at last summer. It is going well-ish. One of the patients has advanced alzheimers...sad and very hard to work with....easily agered, if you get my drift. I work 12 hours shifts which I love, and I work six days in a row. It sounds rough, and toward the end of the six days, feels like it too, but I get 8 days off in a row after the six....worth it, if you ask me. It is nice to have those 8 days because I can go visit Andy in Grand Rapids, and I can stay longer and do less driving...with gas prices so high, that's a definite good thing.

* Speaking of Andy, things are going very well.....I'm a happy girl :). I love going to visit him in GR....lots to do and lots of quality time with him. Last time I came to stay we went to a Tigers game with his friend, Matt, and his sister, Katelyn.
We also went to Mega 80's in GR....it's a concert at a bar of a cover-band that plays of all the really popular 80's songs. They were phenomenal and the night was so much fun. We even got a ride home in a limo...we were going to call a taxi and while we were standing outside, a limo pulled up; the driver asked where we were going and said it was a dollar a mile...hop in. Great end to a great night!
This time I went to stay for a few days (still here) and we went to B-bash on Sunday...a huge weekend long free country concert. Good concert...but HOT....full sun and it was SUNNY. Got me a nice tan :). Yesterday, we went to the beach in Grand Haven. It was a gorgeous day...a little to windy to lay out, but we walked around town, grabbed some food at Downtown Dog (YUM!) and just generally enjoyed the sunny weather. Side note: we were walking around down by the water saw this boat....enough fishing poles?? Anywho.....
Today was his first day of work and I stayed at his apartment. I went with his friend, Steve, who lives down the hall, to a park where he taught me to play tennis. SO much fun! I may be addicted...to tennis, not Steve ;). I spent the rest of the afternoon filling out my graduate school application, and I am now waiting for Andy to get home so we can make din-din. If he has to work tomorrow, I am going home in the morning...if not maybe we are heading to the zoo tomorrow...not sure....

*I have been busting my butt to get my application done for grad school....trying to remember everything, and it's slowly coming together. I am waiting on my references, and then I can submit it. Good thing too....I talked to an advisor at the school today and found out they have gotten more applications in the last three months than last year's whole cycle...yikes! Apparently they are even starting to interview in August...the earliest date in their history. Keep your fingers crossed for me...got mine crossed, as well as my toes and my legs and my eyes....;)

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